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The Experience Room

The Wind River Hotel and Casino is home to the Northern Arapaho Experience. Located in the lobby of the newly built Wind River Hotel, the Northern Arapaho Experience is a cultural room where visitors are welcome to take a peek into the rich world of the Arapaho.

The exhibit room tells the story of the Arapaho people though paintings, pictures, videos and traditional artifacts. Open seven days a week, an Arapaho Elder guides visitors though the room, bringing the history to life though storytelling. Elders are knowledgeable in Arapaho language, culture and tradition. Through one and one tours, visitors are treated to a unique and intimate experience that only the Northern Arapaho can provide.

The exhibit room features artifacts from the 1800’s that includes par fleche containers, and traditional hunting and cooking tools. Language is a vital component of the Arapaho Culture. The seating area inside of the room plays videos teaching the stories of Arapaho morals, language, traditions and contemporary reservation life. Paintings reflect important historical events that have shaped the history of the Arapaho. Local Arapaho Artists have created one-of-a-kind paintings found only in the Experience Room. Photographs capture early reservation life and project a picture of hardships the tribe had to endure. Current photographs show a contemporary view of how the tribe navigates living in two worlds.
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All summer long, the dance portion of the Northern Arapaho Experience includes different styles of dance that Arapaho men and women continue to practice. Fancy, grass and traditional are styles of dance men and young boys traditionally perform. Women and young girls dance in the jingle, traditional, and fancy styles. The dance regalia is designed by each dancer and is made up of intricate beadwork designs. Each dancer takes ownership of their regalia and dance performance. These types of dancing are seen at social dances also known as Pow-wows that are held throughout Indian Country.

The Wind River Hotel and Casino is excited to invite you to experience the Northern Arapaho people. Open 7 days a week, The Northern Arapaho Experience hopes to become a premier Wyoming visitor destination. Call for more information at 1 866 657 1604 or plan a special visit.
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